Find yourself losing business to OTAs? We have four easy ways to transform your business, so you can secure bookings, increase your profitability and ensure repeat business.


Agents are all too aware that their client may find the best deals themselves on the internet, but they trust an agent for their in-depth knowledge. As an agent, it is highly recommended that you become a specialist in a few destinations. This becomes your unique selling point. If you can converse with your client about a destination confidently and passionately, they will trust you. Check out our destination guides for up to date information on the hottest destinations. You can even print them off for your clients to take with them!


As a travel agent, it’s your job to make your clients’ dream holiday a reality. No pressure, right?! Interacting with your client and making sure you understand their vision of their ideal holiday will ensure that you not only meet their expectations, but exceed them. By keeping an open mind and asking as many questions as necessary, you’ll build a trusting relationship with your client. Building this relationship will ensure that you become their personal travel expert.


It is more important than ever to create an online presence for your business. Social media provides your clients with a level of confidence in your business, and a connection which is essential for business awareness. Our hot tip is to create a functional Facebook page. This allows interaction, communication and brand awareness for your company. Being active on social media platforms creates the impression that you and your agency are always contactable. It provides a sense of tangible communication, and ensures quick responses to clients. Need content? Like us on Facebook and share our content to build your own page.


There is no better way to market your own business than having access to marketing platforms where the hard work has already been done for you! If your marketing resources are limited, make use of the content and materials provided by Excite Holidays. You can contact your BDM for marketing requests or direct your clients to our blog.