You can expect nothing but sheer beauty in Greece, the land of the Gods. Sites like the Acropolis Parthenon and the many historic towns and beautiful beaches make it a popular destination for tourists of all interests.

Here are some of the lesser known places where you can get to know the real Greece in all its glory.

The Mastic Villages of Chios Island

Chios Island is the only place in the world where mastic trees grow. The resin from these trees was once regarded as worth its weight in gold (literally) during the Ottoman rule of Chios.
Today, you can visit the 24 mastic villages of Chios, which have remained standing since they were built in the middle ages. Geometric designs are etched into these villages, making them a sight to behold.

The town Poseidon's son founded

If you want the locals view on the most beautiful town in Greece, Nafplio is it. Legend states that it was founded by Náfplios, the son of god Poseidon. Its history dates all the way back to prehistoric times when it provided soldiers to the Argonautic expedition and Trojan War. What really sets it aside is the architecture, which is different to other major Greek centres. It’s also highly inspired by Frankish, Venetian and Turkish influences that conquered the town over the years.

Escape the crowds on The Island of Naxos

The beaches of Greece are full of soft, white sand to press through your toes; and the Island of Naxos is no different. Naxos is a must visit and an absolute treasure trove of secluded beaches perfect for those looking to capture those intimate moments. The unfinished Temple of Apollo is the island's main attraction, with the Portara monument (or Ariadne’s Arch) the remaining structure left standing.
So for the perfect blend of pristine beaches, natural wonders and historic monuments and structures, Greece is your all-in-one destination for the ultimate holiday experience.