Using social media has become an essential part of business over the past few years, though some are still not sure how to successfully integrate social channels into their marketing and advertising strategies. Travel agents have a good head-start when it comes to attracting attention on social media, with holiday and destination posts considered among the most popular online content. As travel experts, it is important that you maximise your earning potential by using social channels to reach out, motivate and capture buyer’s attention.
Follow our five step guide to boost your social presence.

1. Activate your social presence

More than ever, social media has made its mark as a significant aspect of any business. As part of your online marketing and branding, it’s important to make yourself known on social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. When potential clients are browsing social media, especially in their personal time, recognising your company name and seeing regular quality posts will often lead to familiarisation and trust, and in turn, the conversion of sales.

2. What should you post?

Social media engagement is built upon quality sharing and posting, using social platforms to engage with genuine customers. You have the opportunity to establish a buzz around your brand, with strong communication strategies, resulting in trusting, loyal and long-term customers. It’s important to not solely focus on sharing product deals, but mix it up with non-sales related content to engage the consumer and evoke positive emotions. Using open-ended questions and encouraging your network to contribute to ongoing conversations will lead to high engagement and the opportunity for them to share your content to a wider audience.

3. Knowledge is power

With around 80% of social interactions coming through in the form of likes, on Facebook, shares and comments prove harder to earn. While it is highly contended which type of interaction is most important, generally, a post which is shared is more likely to exceed your audience reach. With this in mind, we suggest that you post on topics which are relevant to your industry and feature destinations which are popular and selling at the time. If you notice that you are receiving a significant amount of enquiries about a particular destination, make sure you optimise this information by posting relevant content across your social platforms to show your future clients that you are knowledgeable and specialise in this destination.

4. It pays to promote

Social channels like Facebook are well aware of the important role they play in business and are limiting the organic reach of posts in order to encourage companies to pay up. The number of existing and new consumers reached is limited unless you pay to promote your posts, which boosts engagement and allows you to reach a more targeted audience. To help establish your professional profile, every business should boost posts on Facebook. For a small investment, you can significantly increase your reach.

5. We’re here to help,utilise Excite Holidays!

Many businesses find that they struggle to ‘fill’ their page with relevant and exciting content to share with their clients. Not to worry, Excite Holidays has made it a priority to load their social channels with informative and quality information, which you can use to help increase your page interactions and gain a strong, loyal following. Take a look at our blog, which is updated weekly with a range of travel focused posts, which you can share with your current and future clients. On Instagram, it is easy to regram our posts, which are based on our seasonality and our best-selling destinations. If you would like further assistance with your social media channels, contact your friendly Excite Holidays team, and let us help build your business profile!